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Smart Bangladesh Essay

Minister Sheikh Hasina ordered to start the journey to implement this Smart Bangladesh Vision by 2041. 'Smart Bangladesh' means making smart citizens, society, economy and smart government. Activities in education, health, agriculture and financial sectors will be transformed into smart systems.

Context/Background of Smart Bangladesh: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announced Vision 2021 with the aim of building an IT-rich Bangladesh in the modern form of Sonar Bangla, the dream of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Bangladesh has made a revolution in the spread of modern information technology through the implementation of this concept. The speed at which technology has developed in the world is truly incredible. Digital Bangladesh is no longer a dream but a reality. In continuation of this, work has started to transform the country from Digital Bangladesh to 'Smart Bangladesh' by 2041.

Smart Bangladesh on Four Pillars: Initiatives are being taken to build a smart Bangladesh of the future based on four pillars. There will be four pillars to build 'Smart Bangladesh'. Such as Smart Citizen, Smart Economy, Smart Government and Smart Society. In Smart Bangladesh everything will be done through technology. There the citizens will be proficient in the use of technology and manage the entire economy through it. Government aims to build a cost-effective, sustainable, intelligent, knowledge-based, innovative, smart Bangladesh by 2041.

Smart Bangladesh's Roadmap: The government has changed the name of Digital Bangladesh Task Force to Smart Bangladesh Task Force. Around two lakh schools, land offices, health complexes will be brought under fiber optic by 2025 as part of Smart Bangladesh plan. One student and one laptop will be launched to ensure online participation of students. IT Business Incubator will be developed as a center for the development of talent, intelligence and knowledge of the young generation.Data Security Act, Digital Services Act, Sheikh Hasina Institute of Frontier Technology (SHIFT) Act, Innovation Design and Entrepreneurship Academy (IDEA) Act, Agency for Knowledge on Aeronautical and Space Horizon (Akash) Act, Digital Leadership Academy Act and National Startup Policy formulation These issues will be implemented by the Legislative and Parliamentary Affairs Department and the Information Technology Department.</

Conclusion: In continuation of the successful implementation of Digital Bangladesh Vision 2021, the government is now working to build a smart Bangladesh of innovative and knowledge-based economy by 2041 with state-of-the-art power grid, green economy, skill development, recognition of freelancing professions and urban development. Besides, various activities will be digitized. It should be remembered that Smart Bangladesh is not a special political party, it should be the center of thought and thought of 16 crore people of the country.

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Smart Bangladesh 2041

"Smart Bangladesh" is a term that is often used to talk about developing and modernizing Bangladesh, especially with the help of technology. This could include projects to improve infrastructure, make it easier for people to get an education and health care, and help the economy grow. It could also mean using new technologies to make the government and other organizations more efficient and effective, and to improve the quality of life for people.

The government has established four pillars — smart citizens, a smart economy, a smart government, and a smart society — to transform Bangladesh into a "Smart Bangladesh."

yRecently, the government has taken steps to build a "Smart Bangladesh" by 2041. This will be a country with a stronger economy, better technology, and more knowledge. This latest step is obviously a bigger and brighter one that will help take the country to the next level once "Digital Bangladesh" is up and running. Bangladesh doesn't have as many natural or mineral resources as other countries. So, Smart Bangladesh won't be built on mineral resources. Instead, it will be built on a talented generation, a steady supply of electricity, and high-speed internet.

In order to make Vision 2041 happen and make the country more developed, the government has set a goal of building a "Smart City" and a "Smart Village" within the time frame. Since the current government has successfully implemented "Vision 2021" and built "Digital Bangladesh," it is now working on developing ultramodern power grids, a green economy and skills, recognizing freelancing as a profession, and urban development in order to build a "Smart Bangladesh" with a merit-based economy by 2041.

The main feature of Smart Bangladesh:

  1. Make Bangladesh an innovative country with an economy based on knowledge.
  2. Do self-employment-based training as part of the Digital Inclusion for Venerable Exceptions (Dive) initiative to build a digital society that everyone can be a part of and bring people who have been left behind into the mainstream of development.
  3. Under the "One Student, One Laptop, One Dream" program, activities to help students with their laptops are still going on so that students can use the Internet.
  4. Set up the Digital Leadership Academy to make the government smart and everywhere.
  5. Prepare enterprise-based businesses as start-ups that are good for investors so that they can add to the GDP of small, cottage, small, and medium enterprises.
  6. Set up an interactive school for future teachers who want to start their own schools (Asset).
  7. Building the Bangladesh Knowledge Development Park and running it.
  8. Setting up a center for learning, innovation, and knowledge creation (CLICK).
  9. Agency for Knowledge on Aeronautical and Space Horizons is set up (Akash).
  10. Setting up a platform for developing self-employment and entrepreneurship (SED).
  11. Bring all digital services to a cloud that is tied together in one place. It will be used by every government ministry and department

Using a combination of creativity and technology, the ICT department is providing training to the youth in order to develop a skilled workforce. As part of this initiative, it has been agreed to establish a Motion Graphics Animation Lab at Dhaka University and a second Motion Graphics Animation Lab at ICT Tower within a few days at a cost of Tk 8 crore. The ICT department will assist them in developing world-class games so that they may lead the gaming industry. Noting that the gaming sector is currently larger than Bollywood, the ICT industry is the most important industry in diversifying commerce in order to increase the average income of Smart Bangladesh to Tk 12,000, and millennials are its primary drivers.

To conclude, Bangladesh's focus has recently shifted to the technology sector, which is driving its transition into Smart Bangladesh, powered by a knowledge economy. The country must plan and manage its budgetary allocation to succeed.

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